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Profitable prospects at your exhibition stand

Here we go! The keynote speech is over and visitors are flocking to the booth designs. But how do you sort the crowds and position yourself optimally in order to qualify those visitors who can benefit from your offer?

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Let's say a few visitors approach your booth for your design ideas and slow down to see what your show presence has to offer. Now it's up to your booth staff to open the conversation and find out what they're looking for. But what's the best way to start? Know more about Exhibition pop up stand Dubai.

You can try one of the following example techniques:

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  • Make eye contact.
  • Ask the first question to establish contact.
  • Introduce yourself and find out where the visitors come from.
  • •What is your personal goal for visiting this show?'
  • Why are you visiting our stand?'
  • •What aspects of our offer do you particularly like?'
  • Do you need a larger bag to carry all your belongings ?”
  • Could I ask for your feedback/opinion/advice on XYZ?”

Whatever your first words should be, focus on the customer's needs and interests.

Be strategic:

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Well before the event, your marketing and sales team should work with the stand design company to agree on a strategy with measurable goals for the show. Be it launching a new product, generating leads, conducting product demonstrations, or similar, the booth design should be aligned with these goals. You might be interested in Exhibition Stand Design.

Identify the visitor: 

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The first thing you should do when you get to know someone is who they are (buyer, decision maker, supplier, competitor, etc.). That way, you don't spend unnecessary time with someone who isn't responsible for purchasing your product/service or is in a region that your business doesn't serve. You can glean this information by asking a few key questions or by requesting a business card that includes the person's title and address. Learn more about Exhibition Stand Design Dubai.

Ask about the business interests:

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So that you don't appear too pushy, you should engage the prospective customer in your exhibition stand design in a conversation about what he or she is doing at the exhibition and what interests him or her about your products or services. Better yet, ask questions about the problems your product or service might solve.

Ask open-ended questions - questions that require more than a yes/no answer. This will help you to better identify needs and interests. Focus on how your product or service can meet those needs. Be sure to follow the 80/20 rule - listen to 80 percent of the time and only talk 20 percent of the time. 

Invest time in a good option

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Contact works step by step. Eye contact, question, answer, question, observation, and so on. Small steps. Here's the challenge: sellers must earn the right by making the next stage of the conversation even more interesting and alluring. If your goal is to qualify and book an appointment, then consider the path with the least amount of hassle for the prospect. 

Qualify your contacts at the trade fair and afterward

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It is almost impossible to close a sale. If on-site closing is your primary goal, companies with a longer sales cycle might find it difficult to close a deal with a potential customer. But that doesn't mean the degree has to be lost. Remain unobtrusive! After the show is over, follow the leads and continue to build relationships with the contacts you interacted with on the spot.

Avoid hard selling

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Instead of forcing a sale before the show ends, let the prospect know you're available. It shows good manners and is good for business.

If you harass customers, they will get nowhere. Every stand worker needs to be reminded that people are paying to get into the venue and they want to be inspired. Customers often want to buy and want to achieve something. This could be, for example, "returning to the office with three new ideas to complete a job faster/better/cheaper." Never forget to ask your customer what that "something" is! 

Profitable prospects at your exhibition stand

Here we go! The keynote speech is over and visitors are flocking to the booth designs. But how do you sort the crowds and position yourself ...